Online konference: Hvordan bekæmper vi global opvarmning – grøn kapitalisme eller systemforandring?

Årets konference i Transform!Danmark bliver en ren online event.

Til gengæld kan du møde masser af internationale talere med spændende oplæg:
filipinske Walden Bello, brasilianske Sabrina Fernandes, tyske Helmut Scholtz, danske Jacob Sørensen og mange flere.

Se hele programmet her: How to Combat Climate Warming – Green Capitalism or system change

Her nedenfor kan du se nogle af oplægsholdernes seneste artikler, der kan lægge op til eller uddybe det, de vil tale om på konferencen:

Below you can see some of the presenters’ latest articles that can add to or elaborate on what they will talk about at the conference:

Walden Bello:
Toward a Comparative Analysis of Far-Right Regimes
The article expands on a number of things from the intervention
After Neoliberalism What?

Intervention at Transform!Denmark Conference 2021
The United States Has Entered a Frightening Weimar Era
The violent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump extremists underlines the face of crises to come….
The Far Right: Formidable but Not Unbeatable
The level of discontent and alienation with neoliberalism was already very high in the Global North before the…
The Biden Presidency: A New Era, or a Fragile Interregnum?
Donald Trump embarked on an unorthodox course in economic policy that combined tax cuts for the rich with a…
Why things will get much worse before they get better for the United States
originally posted on Rappler ‘I hate to spell this out, but the current mood in the US approximates that of civil war,…

Sabrina Fernandes:
Ecosocialism from the margins
Hope for revolutionary change requires urgent climate action now. The
energy transition must be as radical as possible to ensure the conditions
for future struggles to overcome capitalism
Afraid to #StayAtHome: Bolsonaro’s mobilization of fear during the pandemic
This conservative common sense helps Bolsonaro to keep a loyal base, even though previous supporters have begun to demonstrate regret for their vote and even support impeachment initiatives against him. Mobilization is low, however, and it has been low from before the Coronavirus pandemic, despite a few specific protests such as those connected to education demands.
Sabrina Fernandes har også en kanal på YouTube og du kan se hendes videoer på engelsk her

Heltmut Scholz:
CONFERENCE: For environment, farming and jobs – STOP EU-MERCOSUR

Trade Policy Review
Responses of Helmut Scholz

Read Lotta Hedströms presentation her
Women and the climate crisis: Is ecofeminism part of the climate solution. Presentation 2021
Women and the climate crisis: Is ecofeminism part of the climate solution? Presentation 2020
PP-Women and the climate crisis

Jean-Claude Simon:
Finance, debt and the ecological transformation – a call for system change
Why a transition? The eco-socialist transition is not a technical fix, it
an in-depth societal change…