Konference 2014

International Conference in Copenhagen 2014 
Saturday, March 15, 2014
Venue: 3F København, Peter Ipsens Alle 27, 2400 Copenhagen NV

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Oplægsholdere og talere ved konferencen:
Walden Bello, Forfatter og politisk analysator, Fillippinerne (se powerpoint og læs referat)
Stella Semino, Talskvinde for Grupo de Reflexión Rural Argentina, Argentina (se powerpoint)
Maria Gjerding, Enhedslisten, Danmark (se powerpoint)
– Corinne Morel Darleux, miljøsekretær i det franske Venstreparti, Frankrig (læs interview)

* * *

9:30 Registration, coffee/tea and croisssants

10:00-10:15 Inger V. Johansen, (Transform!Danmark): Welcome

10:15-11:00 Walden Bello, (Author and Member of the Philippines’ House of Representatives, representing Akbayan): Deglobalization is perhaps more relevant than ever in a world where neoliberalism and corporate-driven globalization have plunged the world into a very deep crisis and people are groping for alternatives that would meet human needs and values instead of the needs of Capital.

11:00-11:45 Stella Semino, (Representative of Grupo de Reflexión Rural in Europe, specialist in civil engagement the role of the Organised Civil Society): Reflexions on civil society’s role in resisting environmental destruction based in the Argentinian experiences form the soja regime: Negotiations vs sustainable transformation.

11:45-12:30 Tom Kuchartz, (Ecologistas en Acción, Spain): The Alternative Trade Mandate, a proposal to make international trade and investment policy work for people and the planet, not just the profit interests of a few.

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:30 Parallel workshops on the economic and social structures and the substance of the alternatives in relation to:

1) Alternatives to the misuse of the Land, Water and Nature.
2) How can we move forward in new directions of actions for holistic transformation?
3) Free Trade as destructive force against alternatives to growth;

14:30-15:00 Coffee/tea and cake

Experiences of environmental-social integration pointing to practical political solutions:

15:00-15:45 Corinne Morel Darleux, (National Secretary in charge of Ecosocialism and Regional Councellor, Parti de Gauche, France): Ecosocialism and ecological planning as penetrating theme in local, regional and national election campaigns and political programs

15:45-16:00: Maria Gjerding, (Environmental Secretary in the Parliament for the Red-Green Alliance and candidate for Parliament, Denmark): Reflections on possibilities to influence national policies towards ecological socialism and de-growth

16:00-16:15 Trine Henriksen, (City Councillor in Gladsaxe, Red-Green Alliance, Denmark): Reflections on possibilities to influence local policies from a radical environmental position

16:15-16.30 Teppo Eskelinen, (Left Forum, Finland, affiliated to transform!europe): Some findings of a project on eco-socialist transformations and the possibilities and limits of green keynesianism

16:30-18:00 Panel, discussion and short round-up

Moderators: Susanne Langer, (regional councilor representing the Red-Green Alliance) and Toke Haunstrup Christensen, (NOAH and Aalborg University)

The conference language will be English

Registration: Please register until March 10, 2014 (for reasons of planning food): transform.denmark@gmail.com (please indicate if you have special food requirements)

Information: www.transformdanmark.dk and transform.denmark@gmail.com

Participation fee: 100 DKK (to cover food – paid in cash at the entrance)

Organisers: Transform!Danmark in cooperation with the Transform!Europe network, and supported by Enhedslisten/the Red­‐Green Alliance,  Grobund (left learning association), AfrikaKontakt, NOAH – Friends of the Earth Denmark as well as the leftwing magazines Det  Ny  Clarté, Solidaritet, Kritisk Debat and Socialistisk Information.

The TransformDanmark network was founded in 2012 and this is the third international conference organised by the network. Our aim is to contribute to the Danish debate with a critical and informed analysis of the society and create and participate in discussions on alternative development in Denmark as well as Europe and globally. The purpose of this third international conference is to continue the debate on the ecological and equitable alternatives to mainstream economy and thinking.