Nanna Langevad Clifforth

 Nanna Langevad Clifforth er aktiv i NOAH – Friends of the Earth, med fokus på:Handel og investeringer, madsuverænitet, fusioner i landbrugssektoren, finansialisering, SDG’erne, FN’s traktat om virksomheder og menneskerettigheder


Earth Incorporated: The impacts of trade and privatisation on nature

Nature, biodiversity and ecosystem functions are increasingly included in trade agreements as well as turned into aims of financialisation and off-setting with severe environmental and social consequences.

Despite biodiversity and ecosystems providing life sustaining services and being crucial for the well functioning of e.g. agricultural systems, climate modification, water purification and hence human livelihoods, they are seriously threathened by unsustainable pratices, resource extraction and overconsumption.

Furthermore, they are increasingly included in trade agreements promoting intellectual property rights, e.g. through WTO’s TRIPS and bi-lateral trade agreements as the EU-Canada CETA, enhancing privatisation of seeds, plants and nature.

Market-based “solutions” are also on the rise, inter alia the EU emission trading system and off-setting of biodiversity through the no net loss policy of the EU, where nature and biodiversity increasingly are turned into commodities and possible subjects of speculation through the process of finansialisation.

This is done with the argument of protecting them, while in reality it turns the polluter-pays principle into a license-to-trash principle where nature is sold and privatised to save and protect it. This is contradictory and these processes build on the exact same processes that creates environmental degradation to begin with while additionally increases inequality and access to life and earth sustaining services.